115 Edgewood Drive
Greenville, PA 16125



Mon:  10 a.m.- midnight
Tues:  10 a.m.- midnight
Wed:  10 a.m.- midnight
Thur:  10 a.m.- midnight
Fri:     10 a.m. - 2  a.m.
Sat:    10 a.m. - 2  a.m.
Sun:    noon - midnight



Reynolds VFW has two facilities for rent to members and the public... the banquet room and the pavilion.  The banquet room requires catering be done by the VFW staff, but the pavilion does not.

Rental agreement for both banquet room or pavilion includes:
* Alcohol must be purchased from the Reynolds VFW.
* All patrons are obligated to pay for all dinners or buffets in advance.
* No refunds will be made unless canceled at least two days in advance of the event. 
* No dinners will be boxed to go.
* Anyone under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
* Visibly intoxicated patrons will be asked to leave the premises.
* Reynolds VFW has the right to refuse services to anyone.

Pavilion rental also includes the following to be eligible to receive the $200 deposit back:
* Building must be vacated my midnight.
* All floors must be swept and mopped.
* Clean restrooms' sinks,floors,and toilets.
* Remove trash--dumpsters available on site.
* Leave tables and chairs where they are and do not stack.
* Any damage to building is renter's responsibility.

Click here to view various choices of menus available.  Call (724) 646-2325 for more information.

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