115 Edgewood Drive
Greenville, PA 16125



Mon:  10 a.m.- Midnight
Tues:  10 a.m.- Midnight
Wed:  10 a.m.- Midnight
Thur:  10 a.m.- Midnight
Fri:    10 a.m. - 2  a.m.
Sat:   10 a.m. - 2  a.m.
Sun:   Noon - Midnight



Signup Now

To join please visit the Reynolds VFW Post at 115 Edgewood Dr. Greenville, and ask for a membership form.. 

To establish eligibility for a REGULAR Membership you will be asked to show proof of eligibility (DD-214, copy of hostile fire/imminent danger pay stub, etc.). Veterans of FOREIGN WAR are only eligible for regular membership status. 

To apply for a SOCIAL membership, we just ask that you fill out the application and have one of our regular members "sponsor" you. 

All regular and Social applications are voted on during a regular Post meeting before being sent to National HQ for final processing. Your presence at the meeting is not required, but we encourage you to attend to meet your fellow Post members.

We are also accepting Auxilary Memberships! Any applicants for auxilary will fill out the auxilary application and include the DD214 of the family member you represent. Memberships for auxiliary will be looked over and approved at the following meeting. Timelime may vary depending on when you apply. 

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